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The company that made games such as Pulseman , Mendel Palace , Pokemon and Click Medic

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Pulse man Quinty smart ball Jerry boy 2 jelly Mario & Wario Yoshi's egg Yoshi drill dozer Nontan to Issho - Kurukuru Puzzle
Game Boy Camera Color Advance pocket Sp light player super Bushi Seiryuden Futari no Yusha
screw breaker Bazaar de Gosaru no Game de Gosaru black white red blue green yellow leaf fire heart gold soul silver crystal ruby sapphire ruby emerald diamond pearl Rhythm Hunter Harmo Knight
Founded 3 Years ago
Jul 2, 2011


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Fan Club

1,055 Members
905 Watchers
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Mendel Palace A.K.A. Quinty
Nontan to Issho - Kurukuru Puzzle
Smart Ball a.k.a Jerry Boy
Bushi Seiryuden
Bazaar de Gosaru no Game de Gosaru
Fanmade Pokemon regions - Read the text inside 1st
Fanmade Pokemon badges
Pokemon-styled maps of real life locations
Dark-Type Gym Leaders
Fanmade Pokemon towns
Fanmade Pokemon Gyms
muiltiplication, division, and equal...
Fanmade Pokeballs
Pokemon character cosplay
Fanmade Pokemon Items
Eggs of Fanmade Pokemon
Fanmade forms of existing Pokemon
Harmo Knight
Original Pokemon Forests and Woods
Customized Pokemon Trainers
Generation 7 Ideas

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- runs from August 13th to September 17th
- download Heracross to your Pokémon X
- download Pinsir to your Pokémon Y
- obtained via the Mystery Gift via Internet


Mega Slowbro maintains it Water Psychic typing and had the ability Shell Armour

Mega Audino is Normal/Fairy with the Healer ability

Pokemon PR - Incredibly Rare Shiny Pok'©mon Holding a Mega Stone Gifted to Early Purchasers of Pokemon OR/AS

New Mega-Evolved Pokémon revealed, Horde Encounters return in the Hoenn region,
and Pokémon take center stage in the Pokémon Contest Spectacular

BELLEVUE, WA--August 10, 2014--The Pokémon Company International and Nintendo announced today that players can get a special Shiny Beldum holding a Metagrossite Mega Stone during a limited-time character distribution for the Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire video games when they launch on November 21, 2014, in the United States and Canada. This Shiny Beldum will evolve into Shiny Metang and then into Shiny Metagross. Players can then harness the power of the Mega Stone and Mega Evolve Shiny Metagross into Shiny Mega Metagross. The new games for the Nintendo 3DS family of systems also feature newly revealed Mega-Evolved Pokémon, including Mega Altaria, Mega Salamence, and Mega Lopunny. Fans can watch these Mega-Evolved Pokémon in action and other new scenes in a brand-new game trailer at

Be center stage at the Pokémon Contest Spectacular
Once players arrive at the Hoenn region's Pokémon Contest Spectacular, they can enter their Pokémon in five different contest categories--Coolness, Beauty, Cuteness, Cleverness, and Toughness--in which the Pokémon is judged on one of these five conditions. For example, in a Toughness Contest, a Pokémon will display moves to show off its Toughness appeal. Demonstrating a move like Flying Press will get the audience excited, but using the move Play Nice probably won't elicit the same excitement. The more excited the audience gets, the more the Pokémon will maximize its appeal.

After entering the Pokémon Contest Spectacular for the first time, Trainers will receive their very own Cosplay Pikachu, which is unique in that it knows moves that a normal Pikachu cannot learn and can use them in battle. For instance, Pikachu Rock Star knows the Steel-type move Meteor Mash, and Pikachu Pop Star can use Draining Kiss in battle, a Fairy-type move that is effective against Dragon-type Pokémon. Pikachu, Ph.D., can learn the Electric-type move Electric Terrain, while Pikachu Belle learns the beautiful Ice-type move Icicle Crash. Last but not least, Pikachu Libre can battle with Flying Press, a powerful Fighting-type move.

Players can enter Pokémon in multiplayer contests against friends, take photos of each show, and build a following of fans that will appear at each Contest Hall entrance and help a player's Pokémon win future contests.

New Mega-Evolved Pokémon
Three new Mega-Evolved Pokémon have been announced today: Mega Altaria, Mega Salamence, and Mega Lopunny. Mega Altaria becomes a Dragon- and Fairy-type and receives the Pixilate Ability, which changes Normal-type moves into Fairy-type moves. Mega Altaria also receives big boosts in its Attack and Special Attack stats and an increase in its Defense. Mega Salamence's Defense stat soars, and it receives the Aerilate Ability, which turns Normal-type moves into Flying-type moves. Mega Lopunny receives the Scrappy Ability, making Ghost-type Pokémon vulnerable to Mega Lopunny's Normal-type and Fighting-type moves. Mega Lopunny also gets a huge boost to its Attack stat and a Speed increase, making it even more formidable in battle.

Horde Encounters return to the Hoenn region
The popular Horde Encounter feature from Pokémon X and Pokémon Y returns in Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. This time, Horde Encounters will not be limited to wild Pokémon encounters, as hordes of enemy Trainers can now appear in groups of up to five, providing even more Experience Points to victorious Trainers.

Be sure to visit frequently for more Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire news and information that will roll out leading up to the November 21st launch.

Visit, Like the official Pokémon Facebook page at, and follow pokemon on Twitter.

Information, art and screens on horde:

<img src="

Horde Encounters
Battling multiple Pokémon at once in Horde Encounters was a popular feature in the Pokémon X and Pokémon Y games. On top of the exhilaration gained from defeating so many opponents at once, you can also gain heaps of Exp. Points for your Pokémon!

Horde Battles with Trainers
In Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire, Horde Encounters won't be limited to battling wild Pokémon. They can even occur when battling other Trainers. Face off against five Trainers at once in these thrilling battles!

Mega Altaria

- Dragon/Fairy with Pixilate

Mega Lopunny

- Normal/Fighting with Scrappy

Mega Salamence

- can use the ability Aerilate

- when you change your Pikachu's clothes for contests, it gets special moves
- Pikachu Rock Star gets the move Meteor Mash
- Pikachu Ph. D. knows Electric Terrain
- Pikachu Pop Star knows Draining Kiss
- Pikachu Belle knows Icicle Crash
- Pikachu Libre knows Flying Press
- when you meet a Contest Idol called Lucia, she'll give you special clothes for participating in Pokemon Contests
- you will also get a shiny Beldum in game that comes with a Mega Stone
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A fanclub made for a company called Game Freak

The Featured Folders are for artwork of official Pokemon characters, places, and objects.

Original Pokemon Regions are supposed to be along the lines of Kanto, Johto, etc.

The mixed folder is for images that have one or more objects that fit other folders.


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